Computer service anywhere in Bangalore

Door step service for your desktop or laptop issues.

Virus issues, Slow systems, No displays, Malware issues all resolved at your door step by experienced professionals.

Apple (macpro, air, imac) OS installations, upgrades

Expertise resulting from experience, integrity & accountability are our hallmarks.

Our network of associates across Bangalore empower us to attend to any computer problem (laptops & desktops) anywhere in Bangalore.

You can also drop your system at our center in Koramangala.

The door-step computer service is available for laptops, desktops, monitors, software installations, software repairs, data backup, lan installations, wifi setup etc


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Computer Rentals-laptops, desktops, LCD Projectors, UPS, Security camera

Bangalore computers rent out Desktops, Laptops, LCD Projectors, Security camera, Printers, internet connections, UPS and other accessories on monthly, weekly or even daily rentals to home & small businesses in Bangalore city

Computers-both desktops & laptops for short term use at home or office are ideally rented. To tide over short term extra workloads, short term projects, seminars & demonstrations etc renting a PC is the right solution. Entry level low cost rental computers & laptops for data entry purposes are also available, in addition to high end pentium dual core & INTEL core 2 duo & core i3 based computers.

We can even set up a LAN for your short term use.

We can also set up a short term security camera recording system for an event or a short term need that may arise. The recorded data will be provided to you after the service period. 

Contact us for Low cost rentals of desktops, laptops, Tablets, LCD Projectors, UPS, Printers, netbooks and even internet connections.

The documentation & procedures required for renting a computer are the following:

For reputed companies, we provide the systems after we receive an appropriate purchase order.

For Small organisations and individuals:

  • Id proof of the accountable person
  • Address proof
  • One photograph
  • A returnable post dated cheque for security purposes
  • Id proof, contact details, security cheque and photo from a reference
  • Rent for a month in advance.


Rent a PC at Rs. 500/- per month

Computers (Laptops, Desktops, Tablets) rentals in Bangalore

We have PCs on monthly rent from Rs. 500/- onward.

We have laptops on rent from Rs.1000/- per month.

The specifications define the rent that you pay. An entry level PC can be rented @ Rs.500/- per mth. The specs of this suffices for basic data entry requirements. When you want a PC for rent. email us the specifications of the PC that you need along with the quantity and period of rental. We will get back to you with the exact rent for your specific need.

Contact us for renting desktops, laptops, iMACs, MACbooks, Printers, tablets, smartphones, projectors, monitors etc.

We rent computers-laptops & desktops, UPS, LCD Projectors, Security camera, monitors, tablets, mobiles etc

We can rent our equipment for daily, weekly or monthly periods. We can even give you computers to use at our premises on hourly basis. Even workbooks or intel core i7 based desktops with 32gb memory and graphics cards are available for hourly rent.

Apple i5 based Macbooks are also available on rent.

Ideally, send the following info: (Send the minimum specs that you need. Remember that higher configurations cost you more. Inform us the minimum specs required to do your work so that you pay the minimal rent.)

Support service for rental computers:

The computers that we give will be in good working condition. We give guaranty for any hardware issue for all the rental desktops and laptops.

Reach us for Terms & conditions:

Let us have the following information for us to be of service to you.

Type of Product-Laptop, desktop, LCD Projector, Security camera, UPS, Tablet, Smart phone

Processor (P4/Penitium Dual core/ Core 2 duo/Core i3 etc)

RAM size

HDD size

Monitor type and size - CRT, TFT, 15" to 22"

Optical drive, UPS, Printer etc if reqd can be mentioned explicitely.

Click here to fill up the general enquiry form:


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IMPS MMID: 9089123, Mobile No: 9448063761
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