Productivity enhancers for SOHOs, SMEs

A set of 14 low-cost productivity enhancement utilities for SMEs, SOHOs & even individuals.

  1. Automatic data backup
  2. Fixed asset management
  3. Contact management
  4. In-Out register,
  5. Short term cash flow management
  6. Cheque Printing
  7. Appointments
  8. PC-Smartphone integration
  9. Instant access to frequent data
  10. Visitor Management
  11. Digital Scribbling pad
  12. Task management
  13. Document digitization
  14. Lead management

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Buy Back Options

One day you realize that your PC (laptop or desktop) is just not okay for your work. You realize that tinkering with your PC (upgrading) will not suffice for your needs. You understand that you need a newer generation PC and you recognize that retaining the old PC serves no purpose. It will lose its value further every day you keep it. And you want a latest PC to replace it.

Desktop Exchange offers:

You can give away your used desktop and buy a new desktop or laptop from us. The discount that you get depends on the specs and the condition of your used desktop.

This option is available to buyers of all brands of laptops and desktops. Even an on-line buyer of a dell laptop or desktop from us is also entitled to a buy back deal with us. Buyers of other brands like HP, compaq, acer, asus, samsung, lenovo too are offered attractive buyback terms. Such buyers get many services from us free of cost. This includes software installation and data backup services . Backup of data, mail, photos, music etc in addition to restoring them on your new computer, installing devices that were part of your old system to the new one, configuring LAN, or Wi-fi on the new computer are some of the services on offer from Bangalore computers.

Laptop Exchange offers:

You can give away your used laptop and buy a new desktop or laptop from us. The discount that you get depends on the specs and the condition of your used laptop.

If you buy a desktop or a laptop from us, we can buy your old desktop/laptop at a reasonable price; so you get your new PC cheaper; we will transfer your data from your old system to your new one; proving again that "The old order changeth, yielding place to new.."

With minimal downtime, we ensure that you have a smooth transition from the old computer to a new generation one. We install the necessary applications, utilities & anti-virus tools, configure the system for network and internet, install printers and other devices that were part of the old system, move emails and other valuable data to the new system and setup backup procedures before signing off from you.

We sell all brands of computers and laptops. We can even give you a desktop assembled to your specifications. If you have the components, service engineers from Bangalore computers can assemble the unit at your premises too. 

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